Sermon Series Title

Sermon Series Sub-Title

Put the description for your sermon series here. Place your series artwork (if you have it) in the next column and choose it as the featured image for the post.

Tips: If you use the sermon series section on the worship page, be sure to link to link your series in that section it’s corresponding sermon series page.

Even though you’ll find this sample sermon series page in the main menu under “Worship” you may want Series pages to be sub-menu items under “Sermons” or to not appear on the main menu at all.

If your church heavily favors sermon series, you may choose to replace the featured event on the home page with the sermon series artwork linked to it’s corresponding page.


Genesis 35:16-29 | August 21, 2022 | AM Service

Genesis 35:16-29 | August 21, 2022 | AM Service The Deaths of Rachel and Isaac 16 Then they journeyed from Bethel. When they were still some distance[a] from Ephrath, Rachel went into labor, and she had hard labor. 17 And when her labor was at its hardest, the...